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About our mounts

All our mounts are cut from Conservation / White Core mount boards as a minimum standard. The mount boards we use are from a UK based manufacturer, all Conservation boards fully comply to FATG Conservation level. Whitecore boards meet FATG Standard level. We cut various mount board thickness’s but offer 1400 micron as our standard mount board. (Please call us for details and prices of our 2000 and 3500 micron mounts if required)

We use state of the art computerised mount cutters which enable us to cut an abundance of aperture shapes accurately and also allows us to personalise your mount to help portray a special message, for more information on customised picture framing mounts please go to Customising your Mount

Specifications for our Conservation and Whitecore mount boards:

The surface and backing papers:

Made from chemically-treated pulp using pH sizing and lignin-free, except for Metallics which are not acid-free.
Blue wool scale (BWS) minimum rating 3+
Individual BWS ratings are marked on the reverse side of every sheet.
Buffered with calcium carbonate.*
The water-soluble extracts are minimal i.e. chloride below 0.05%, sulphate below 0.25%. For extra defence it contains a buffer of calcium carbonate to guard against contamination by air-borne acid for the life of the board.
The Core:

High-quality alpha cellulose. Lignin-free and bright white throughout.
Buffered with calcium carbonate.*
Passes the Silver Tarnish Test and Photographic Activity Test.
The adhesive:

Aqeous PVA with neutral pH.
Buffered with calcium carbonate.*
Is plasticiser-free.
* Minimum 3% by weight
Accelerated ageing test

TAPPI T.509 SU68
Unaged – pH8.9
100 -pH8.9
200 -pH8.9
300 -pH8.9
Other picture framing mounts we offer are Black core, Suedette Conservation Core, Conservation Solid Core and Museum Cotton Core, for specifications or prices please contact us to discuss your requirements.