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Needlework & Fabric Art

Mounting and framing textiles and needlework presents a diversity of challenges for the picture framer. They come in a huge  variety of forms ranging from cross stitch to intricate lace work. It is our responsibility to ensure whatever we do enhances the appearance and longevity of the art piece. We use traditional stretching method, such as lacing, at no extra cost

You name it, we can frame it!


Cross Stitch by one of our directors

 Arqadia Blue Ash single mount
Larson Juhl Marais Ebony frame (667 593)
silver fillet to enhance mount aperture

Second Cross Stitch framed to match existing work

Arqadia Blue Ash single mount
Larsen Juhl Marais Ebony frame

Close up of silver fillet inlay to single mount

We offer a choice  of  different styles and colours for fillets

You name it, we can frame it!


Cross Stitch

Arqadia Ivory top mount with Buff bottom mount
Larson Juhl Marais Ebony frame (477 593)
Double oval mount

Cross Stich

Arqadia Burgundy single mount
Black frame with silver edging

Batik Art

Batik  (The art of decorating cloth using wax and dye)
Stretched using traditional lacing method
Black frame

You name it, we can frame it!


Batik Art

Batik art framaed with Arqadia Minuet mount and Natural Oak frame (201 200 000)


Cross Stitch

Cross stitch art framed with a double V Groove cut into Arqadia Pale Ivory mount and Walnut frame (700 0WA)


Acrylic on Cotton


Acrylic art on cotton, stretched using “The tight fit method” due to the thin nature of the fabric. Arqadia Minuet single mount with Larson Juhl Marais frame

You name it, we can frame it!

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tick-icon50x50 On site it’s easier to ensure the frame matches your decor. Samples of frames can be placed in your room to provide you with a informed choice.


tick-icon50x50   Coming to you saves you valuable time. We also work outside normal business       hours where necessary for your convenience.


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tick-icon50x50   Based on many years of experience we offer contemporary advice to ensure you     make the best selection from our large range of samples.