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How to choose a mount

One of the important decisions that needs to be made when mounting or framing you art / image is the mount, there are a number of decisions that need to be considered

1) Where is the framed Photograph / art to be hung. If you know which room the picture frame is going into then you need to consider not only the colours within the photograph or art but also the colours within in the room itself.

2) What style of mount. This will depend on how dramatic you want the finished Picture frame to look, there are limitless options here but always consider the photograph or art you are framing, if you overcomplicate the mount it can appear over framed, this is where the picture frame ends up being more eye catching than the photograph or art you are framing!

a) Single mount. This is the most basic and also the most common

b) Double Mount. This is where one mount is placed on top of the other and the apertures are cut to different sizes to give a change of colour to the mount, this is again a common choice for both Photographs and artwork

c) Triple Mount. As above but using 3 mount boards, generally speaking most people opt for either a single or double mount when framing Photographs or artwork

3) The Mount aperture. Options here are normally determined by the Photograph or artwork itself, on most occasions the size and shape of the photograph or artwork will determine the aperture.

4) Number of Apertures. Especially when framing photographs you may want to put more than one picture into a frame. In theory there is no limit to the number of apertures that we can cut into one mount but always remember the size of the apertures will be determined by the Photographs or artwork you are framing and this will then determine the overall size of the finished picture frame. Most commonly the number of multiple apertures in any one mount would be up to 6

The different types of mount boards used is also important, the 2 main types commonly used are cream core and white core / conservation white core. Cream core is the cheapest option, this has a cream colour to the cut bevel in the mount board aperture and will discolour over time going brown. White core and conservation white core have a white colour to the cut bevel edge and under normal conditions will remain white

Although white core is a more expensive mount board than cream core we only us WHITE CORE as a minimum for all our picture framing.

Depending on the artwork being framed there are other options, if you are unsure of your requirements please call us and we would be more than happy to discuss the other mount board types available